Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing refers to holistic healing modalities that have been practiced for

centuries in indigenous cultures throughout the globe, and are now adapted to and available in

our contemporary culture.

In Shamanic healing, we work in Sacred Space, a healing sphere that is pure, holy and safe.

We call on the healing power of nature, power animals, and Luminous Healers, the medicine men

and women and helping spirits who assist us from the Spirit world. In partnership with Helping

Spirits, Dr. Girvani works outside of linear time and the details of the current and often all too

familiar story, to release the energy that holds an old pattern in place and restore positive energy

to move forward. This release and restoration allows us to engage from a place of freedom, write

our new story, and realize the transformation we dream of finding.

The word Shaman originated in Siberia; it is now used to refer to indigenous teachings and energy

healing practices from around the world. Shamanic Healing addresses the energetic and spiritual

aspects of illness and emotional suffering to bring you into harmony with your Soul Journey.

This healing transforms your life, and, in some instances, produces a physical cure.

The ancient practices of Shamanic Healing

are now available to YOU

to help you Change Your Story!

Shamanic Heali
ng processes can be thought of in two broad areas:

  • the removal of incompatible or blocking energies, and
  • the restoration of supporting, positive, and light-filled energies.

Within these areas, I use a number of Shamanic Methods,  some described below. The exact process

that is used in any particular session is guided by my helping spirits in response to my question

in a shamanic journey of what will be of greatest help to a specific person at this time.

A shamanic journey is a method of entering an altered state of consciousness using the beat of a

drum or a rattle to gain access to helping spirits in non-ordinary reality for guidance and help.

The processes and methods I use are based on in-depth training with my teachers, including:

The Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch and Andean shamanism; Sandra Ingerman,

Betsy Bergstrom, and Tom Cowan, and on the direct guidance from my

helping spirits and guides.


Chakra and Energy Field Cleansing and Illumination

Chakra cleansing removes and cleanses toxic and dense Imprints from

the chakras, or energy centers, of our Energy Field. Imprints are

records from past experiences of our emotional, mental, physical,

and spiritual history, along with their accompanying negative,

self-sabotaging beliefs. These Imprints are the way that the story lives

within us and can be from our own experience, or passed down generationally, culturally,

and karmically.

They organize our reality and attract similar negative energetic patterns into our lives.

They predispose us to the way we live, the way we heal, the way we age, and the way we die.

After removing the dense energy of the Imprint, your chakras  and energy field is Illuminated,

or bathed in light. Your chakras are rebalanced to change the affinity that attracted the

old patterns into your life.

Clearing and removing these energies restores balance and innate vitality, and frees us

from physical and psychological patterns and wounds from our past, allowing us to step

into a new life map and new story.

Extractions and Depossesions

remove incompatible energies from our energy fields. Some of these energies may be associated

with loved ones who have passed on that  we continue to hold onto, or others that have not

fully transitioned. These energies are not “bad” but rather are heavy energy that is incompatible

with our field.  Incompatible energies can show up as depression, fatigue, and physical and

emotional illness. I practice a kind of compassionate clearing and removal of attached energies

that is healing for these beings, helping them to transition, as well as being healing for the client.

Power Animal Retrievals

bring a power animal totem to assist and guide you in your life. Many

indigenous traditions say that when we are born, an animal totem

volunteers to assist us with their power and knowledge, a special kind

of archetypal energy or “medicine” that can help us align with nature,

and specific qualities and powers of the natural and spiritual realms.

This restoration of power brings us renewed vitality and connection with guidance.


Soul Retrievals

recover and re-integrate a vital part of our essential energy that has been “lost” and is unavailable

to us because of fear, trauma, or wounding. Reintegrating these vital energies restores our

original gifts and qualities, increasing our capacity to be whole, vibrant, joyful, step into

our power, and revision our lives.

Soul Retrievals are generally done after a person has had at least one or two prior healing sessions to prepare your energy field to receive and welcome back your soul part,

much like the earth needs to be prepared to receive new plantings to grow a beautiful garden.

Follow-up and integration work after Soul Retrieval is strongly suggested so that you

can fully claim the gifts of this life energy.

Soul Remembering

As human beings, it is part of our nature to project onto other human beings. The projections

of our families, teachers, cultures can sometimes result in a loss of our connection with our

soul journey and vital life energy. In Soul Remembering, the energy and purpose that brought

into this lifetime that may have been forgotten as we experienced the judgment and projections

of others is retrieved and restored, along with a vitality and sense of purpose in our lives.

Destiny Retrievals

enable us to die to what no longer serves us in our lives,

and to birth a new, best destiny. It is about finding a place

of richness and potential, the greatest possibility available

for you to grow into. This is intensive work that usually

requires ten sessions to first clear dense energies, re-integrate

vital soul energies, and come into right relationship in our lives.

Death Rites and Psychopomp Work

assist loved ones who have already passed away but have not fully transitioned. Psychopomp

means “a conductor of souls”. This process provides healing for those who have already

passed, and for you as you experience that your loved one has been able to find greater peace.


Based on the work of Sandra Ingerman,

Transfiguration is shapeshifting into light to bring about healing for yourself and others through radiating Spiritual Light.

In this process you receive the light and love

that is abundant in the universe and is your true

nature. I may coach you to learn to find and

open the door to you own inner light so you

can raise your light frequency and are more filled up with your inner light and better able to radiate your light in the world.

Transfiguration accompanies all other healing, since it is love, not technique, that heals.

Great Death Rites for the Dying

assist those in the dying process who are making the greatest journey from life to death

to do so with dignity and peace, full of light. I will coach you at NO CHARGE with easy to

follow specific steps to provide this service to a loved one. As a Certified Dying Consciously

Teacher, I am also available to teach the Dying Consciously program in the community 

to groups of 6 or more. For more information on Dying Consciously, go to



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