Shamanic Healing Testimonials

My sister was facing serious medical difficulties. The enormity of the situation triggered intense emotions for me. The shamanic session with Girvani quickly brought some of these challenging emotions to my conscious experience, and I found greater freedom of being during and following the experience. I don’t really know what Girvani did, but I do know it was useful, powerful, and has remained with me. Girvani is a gifted healer, and we who turn to her are the better for it.
Nancy Riemer, LICSW
President, New England Society for Clinical Hypnosis

Girvani has a wide depth and breadth of background combining her many years of psychology training with her shamanic practice. She was able to skillfully help me uncover and honor old archetypical patterns that were making me feel stuck, so that I could move on with my own healing more easily.
I highly recommend Girvani’s work.
Carol Brzezinski

I saw Girvani Leerer for a shamanic healing for a problem around writer’s block. Girvani’s psychological
sophistication and sensitivity helped to elucidate the problem and her shamanic work felt extremely powerful. I was skeptical, but met with her twice and the problem is clearly better. Anyone who sees Girvani is in excellent hands.
Larry Peltz MD

Girvani helped me break through some very solid and entrenched patterns that were very hard for me to become completely conscious of. Her energy healing techniques made it easier for me to see how I have been holding myself back from my true potential, which was almost impossible for me to see.
She made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease when I was working with her.
Jim Hagedorn

I had an amazing shamanic treatment from Dr. Leerer. She is a good listener – we got to core issues and released them in my first session. She is deeply spiritual in her work and a brilliant psychologist as well.
Raphael Rettner, Doctor of Chiropractic

I felt quite great after our session and it still hasn’t gone away entirely.  What has remained is a significantly less entrenched hold on that “not belonging” feeling and the old ancestral shame. I have more ease with what is, especially a sense there is nothing wrong with me. NL, Bodyworker

Thank you! It was an honor to work with you! I have been doing really well. I really worked with the lessons I gained from our session and have gained so much insight and strength. There has been so much sweetness and love, fun and celebration that has come into my life recently.Plus spirit has been letting me know of all of the work I have to complete.
JP, Artist and Film camera technician

The work has been really helpful, in my awareness and acceptance of different parts of myself.  I have experienced a really lovely shift where I am feeling a lot more settled around being myself.
JD, Graduate Student

Through just a couple of shamanic sessions I learned a whole new way of experiencing and releasing fear, which helped me to have a more useful and organic way of relating to my own fears.  I have a kinder relationship to myself since I saw Girvani.
DB, Psychotherapist

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