Consultation for Professionals and Practitioners


Dr. Girvani Offers Individual and Group Consultation, and Mentoring

For Clinicians, IFS Therapists, Coaches

Energy workers and Shamanic Practitioners


    • Client Consultation and Treatment Issues and Impasses
    • IFS Consultation
    • Psychotherapy with Trauma and Dissociation
    • Shamanic Methods and Tools
    • Combining psychotherapy and energy or shamanic healing
    • Practice Development Coaching

Consultation is available in person in Berkeley, CA , by phone and Internet (Skype;VSee).


IFS Consultation


Do you want to deepen your understanding of IFS, including:

  • Introducing IFS with clients
  • Working with “difficult” and “challenging” (parts of) clients
  • Recognizing and Dealing with client issues that trigger your parts/issues
  • Direct Access
  • Common parts of clients with complex trauma, dissociation, “borderline personality” and attachment issues
  • Working with Firefighters with self injury, suicidality, addictions and eating disorders
  • Creative Techniques for Unblending
  • Unburdening

Consultation with Dr. Girvani can assist you to be:

  • More confident and clear with the flow of the model
  • More connected and compassionate with your own therapist parts in a safe environment
  • More connected with your own Self energy
  • More calm, courageous, curious, clear, creative and compassionate with difficult client parts
  • More connected to the IFS model to creatively make the model your own.


Treatment Issues


At a Treatment Impasse? Do things seem to be getting worse for your client? Girvani offers Therapy Consultation to Clients and their Primary Therapists on trauma treatment, dissociation and resolving treatment impasses.

Therapy Consultation includes one or more meetings with the therapist, the client, possible  joint meeting(s) with therapist and client, and consultation and recommendations to the therapist and client about moving forward.

Contact me for more information.



Mentoring and Consultation on Shamanic Methods and Tools

Mentoring and Assistance to:

  • Connect with your helping spirits and intuition
  • Integrate shamanic methods into an existing client practice
  • Hear the deeper message and pattern in your client’s communications and story
  • Communicate with your clients in healing language
  • Address working with “difficult” or “challenging” clients
  • Recognize and Deal with client issues that trigger your issues
  • Know when to refer a client with mental health issues



Dr. Girvani is available to travel to your Consultation Group with a minimum of 4 people (travel time charges may apply).

If you would like to set up a Consultation Group with Dr. Girvani,
Contact me!


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