Why Ceremony?


As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of

thinking we used when we created them.” In other words, we cannot change things from the

state in which they were created. Since most of our limited beliefs and patterns, were created

at the mental level in an effort to understand or cope with our perceptions, using mental

analysis to change limited beliefs and patterns doesn’t create transformation.

We may gain awareness or insight into the old and all-too-familiar story, but true change

eludes us, personally and globally.

In ceremony, we transcend the mental level and work at the level of poetry, imagery, music,

the wisdom of the body, creativity – the level of the soul. This allows us to access a

different order of reality, a different energetic level, the level of the dreamer,

our higher Self, our greatest potential.

In our modern world, many of us have lost ceremony from our lives. The power in

religious ceremonies has often become empty ritual.  Birthday ceremonies have become

parties marked by getting more stuff; wedding ceremonies are designed by bridal and

fashion magazines and dominated by financial, family or religious concerns. We have

few traditions marking rites of passage for important life events. Yet we yearn for ceremony

to help us connect with a sense of community, with spirit, and with ourselves, and

our highest potential.



  Despachos are prayer bundles, or offerings, of

  food items, flowers, and bundles of leaves, called 

  kintus, that honor the spirits and the earth, and carry

  our prayers and intentions.

 We  blow your prayers, wishes and intention, into the leaf

bundles which are placed in the despacho.

Despachos are used all through Latin American and the Andes and are an ancient ceremony

to honor and give gratitude to  Pachamama, Mother Earth, and the Apus, the

Mountain Spirits.

When the despacho is finished, it is burned to feed the earth, and release our prayers to the

universe and to Spirit in an explosion of energy.

This ancient practice is wonderful for bringing things into Right Relationship, or Ayni,

starting new endeavors, or bringing in healing and abundance.

Special despachos are available for different events, such as deaths, protection from

and turning over negative energy, and weddings.


  Fire Ceremony

  A fire ceremony is likely the most ancient method of  ceremony

  and transformation practiced throughout the world.

  All religions and belief systems are honored with fire ceremony.

  Fire is a living spirit being with intelligence that can assist us in

making profound changes in our lives. By bringing our desire to

change to a fire ceremony we are asking for the help of spirit however we conceive it.

We also call on the powers of Nature, Mother Earth and Father Sky to assist us.

The fire and spirit will read our hearts as we enter into the circle to be with the Fire,

perhaps with a stick or a talisman we have created. With our breath we blow our intention and

prayers into this object asking to release something that no longer serves us to step into

what we want instead.

Fires are traditionally done on Full and New moons because the veils between the worlds are

thinner then so our prayers are more easily heard. However they can be done anytime when

we want to release something with ceremony and as part of land clearing.

During the fire ceremony, we are present to the spirit of fire, the ancestors and healing spirits,

and to others in the circle, holding space with song, drumming and rattling, or in silence as

each person works with the fire. At the end of the fire, we can invite the ancestors and spirits

of the land, and spirits that need to transition to receive healing through the fire.

Fire ceremony creates an opening for healing, an opportunity to mark an energetic shift

in your life and change your behavior. These changes may occur quickly or you may see them

develop over the weeks following a ceremony.

Ceremony for Life Transitions

I will help you create personalized Ceremonies for Birth, Rites of Passage, Graduations,

Weddings/Partnership, Divorce/Separation, and other important life events. We meet 

to design a ceremony that meets your needs.

I also offer workshops on Women’s Rites of Passage.



Ceremonies can held in your area. Travel charges may apply. Please Ask!


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