Transforming Therapy with Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing opens the doorway to healing on a new level — the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the mind/body. This field envelops, fuels, and informs the mind/body via energy pathways (meridians) and centers (chakras). The Luminous Field contains the records of all previous life experiences: emotions, beliefs, traumas; personal, ancestral, karmic memories. The knowledge that all past experiences are encoded in our energy field underlies the ancient healing practices of the Americas and has been rediscovered by current practitioners of energy psychology.


Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” Psychotherapy attempts to resolve emotional and mental problems through emotional/somatic expression and cognitive revision – staying within the mental-emotional level. Shamanic Healing takes us beyond the mental-emotional to the level of the energetic Luminous Field.


Shamanic practitioners step outside of linear time into the sacred space of infinity to act as intermediary between the worlds of energy and matter, dancing on the equal sign of E=mc2.


Barbara is a 46 year old woman who experienced repeated childhood abuse by her mentally ill mother. She’d had many years of psycho and somatic therapies. Very accomplished professionally, she was wracked by fear and reliving of early trauma. The first session she was so fearful she could barely lie on the table. We cleared dense energy from her first chakra and quieted her body’s Fight/Flight response. She returned the next week saying she slept all night in bed, rather than curled in a fetal position in a corner, for the first time since adolescence. Over several months we cleared her chakras, extracted negative energies attached to her field, and retrieved soul parts that had fled to safety. She began to form new relationships, ended unsatisfying professional commitments, began new projects that brought her joy, and found a personal spiritual connection.


Physics tell us that an experiment is affected by observation, and therefore the outcome of any experiment or event is not absolute. As shamanic healers, we understand we can change the outcome by our observation – following luminous energetic threads back to their healed place before the original wound or illness occurred, and forward to our highest becoming. In this place outside of time, we experience the illumination of the timeless present. Every cell and system of the body is informed by this shift: we are no longer bound by painful stories encoded in our energy field. Instead the past remains a memory, no longer defining us.

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