Is it time to change your story?

Are you ready to trade-in your old story to write your

New version for your  life?

Are you in transition?


Ready for a big leap?

Have you

  • tried to change an old pattern or habit and felt frustrated, blocked, like a failure?
  • felt haunted by old experiences despite years of therapy and personal work, and despair,Will I ever get free and live the life I dream of?”
  • achieved success in other people’s eyes, but deep down feel, “If they knew the REAL ME, they would know I’m a fraud?”
  • felt tired, dissatisfied, empty, disconnected, or  bored with life, and wonder, “Is this all there is?”
  • devoted yourself to a spiritual path or teacher and felt disappointed, and question,“Now what? How do I move forward in my spiritual life?”

Do you want to revitalize your energy, take the leap

to a new life, new way of thinking, new way of being,

connect more intimately with yourSelf and others,

and embody and shine with the bright light

that is your birthright?


  My name is Girvani Leerer.

  My mission is to help you

     ~ Break free from anxiety and fear

     ~ Drop old patterns and limiting beliefs

     ~ Become happier in your life and relationships

     ~ Revitalize and unleash your energy

     ~ Progress to the next stage of your life journey

     ~ Awaken your light, passion, joy, freedom, and purpose


I have worked with thousands of people over the last

almost thirty years as a psychotherapist helping them heal from

the results of trauma, dysfunctional family and attachment patterns, and limiting beliefs.

Several years ago, I recognized that the tools of psychology did not help everyone break free

and drop old fears and limiting patterns and beliefs to change their story.

Refusing to believe “this is as good as it gets”, I searched for another

doorway into healing and discovered Shamanic Energy Healing.

Today, I’ve helped many hundreds of people bridging Shamanism with

powerful cutting edge psychology, Internal Family Systems Therapy,

energy psychology, and spiritual practices to help you change your story

and take the leap to your New story and life.


I invite you to explore my website, and

Contact me to learn how we can work together.


I am accepting new clients for in-person sessions in Berkeley, California,

as well as clients for sessions by telephone and Internet (Skype; VSee).


I would be honored to accompany you as you Change Your Story!